Spelling Bee

Students from Finney County have advanced to the Finney County Spelling Bee that will be held Saturday, February 4 at 9:00 a.m. in Clifford Hope Auditorium on the Horace Good Middle School campus, 1412 N. Main Street.  Students from elementary through middle school grades will be competing in the spelling bee.  The first place winner of the county Spelling Bee will qualify to participate in the state Spelling Bee to be held in Wichita, Kansas at Newman University on Saturday, March 25, 2023. 


The spelling bee winners include:

 Abe Hubert Elementary School:
1st: James Montez
2nd: Uriel Jimenez
3rd: Adelea Condo
The alternate is: Ailee Varela

Buffalo Jones Elementary School:
1st: Bheti Cruz
2nd: Yahir Munoz-Rios
3rd: Kathryn Asebedo
The alternate is: Adrian Kempis 

Georgia Matthews Elementary School:
1st: Julian Montes
2nd: Mary Baca
3rd: Nancy Alva
The alternate is: Yurian Constancio Martinez 

Gertrude Walker Elementary School:
1st: Obsa Abdi Jamal 
2nd: Jordan Castruita
3rd: Muhammad Hussein
The alternate is: Muscab Ibrahim 

Jennie Barker Elementary School:
1st: Lane Hensley
2nd: Sebastian Martinez-Rubio
3rd: Hailey Unruh
The alternate is: Jacobie Vargas 

Plymell Elementary School:
1st:  Easton Bailey
2nd: Brynlie Sekavec
3rd: Carter Schmidt
The alternate is: Renly Just

Charles O. Stones Intermediate Center:
1st: Abigail Morales
2nd: Cooper Delehant
3rd: Diego Paredes-Villavicencio
The alternate is: Manuel Lopez Ortiz

 Horace Good Middle School:
1st: Ilysa Ochoa-Armendariz
2nd: Isaac Owens
3rd: Elijah Alvarado
The alternate is: Diana Reyes-Olivas 

 Kenneth Henderson Middle School:
1st: Derrick Hoff
2nd: McKenah Stucky
3rd: Leonardo Pfannenstiel
The alternate is: Little Princess Chapa

Holcomb Elementary School:
1st: Adryan Ruiz 
2nd: Miles Brookover
3rd:  Damian Soukup
The alternate is: Eliza Miranda-Carbajal

Holcomb Middle School:
1st:  Parker Schreibvogel 
2nd: Dominic Macias 
3rd: Alexis Smith 
The alternate is: James Bishop 

 St. Dominic School:
1st : Jaydan Main 
2nd : Tess Edwards
3rd: Monica Thang
The alternates are: Anngenelle Aguilar

 St. Mary School:
1st: Giselle Nei 
2nd: Esmeralda Vazquez
3rd: Adrian Aguilera