GCHS To Present “Failure:  A Love Story”

The Garden City High School drama department will present Failure: A Love Story by Philip Dawkins on May 18th- 20th at 7:00 pm and May 21st at 2:30 pm in the GCHS Auditorium. Ticket prices are $10 for adults and $5 for students for advanced tickets or $12 for adults and $7 for students at the door.  Tickets may be purchased at here, from cast members, or at the door at the performances.  We have a limited supply of tickets available for $10 and $5 from cast members, get yours today! This play is appropriate for all audiences.

Synopsis:   By the end of 1928, all three Fail sisters will be dead -- expiring in reverse order, youngest to oldest, from blunt object to the head, disappearance, and finally consumption. Tuneful songs, and a whimsical chorus follow the story of Nelly, Jenny June, and Gerty as they live out their lives above the family clock repair shop near the Chicago River, before their time unexpectedly runs out. A magical, musical fable where, in the end, the power of love is far greater than any individual's successes or failures.

Cast: The production lead roles are all double cast, so the show will change every night based on who is playing the roles. The eldest Fail sister, Gerty Fail, is played by Alex Terriquez (senior) and Felicity Miller (senior). The middlest Fail girl, Jenny June Fail, is played by Katrina Almaguer (junior) and Phybee Madlangbayan (junior). The youngest Fail sister, Nelly Fail, will be played by Kyra Linenberger (senior) and Daniela Loya (freshman). Their brother, John N. Fail, will be played by Nic Vigil (sophomore) and Razel Quintero (senior). Playing the role of Mortimor Mortimor, the man who falls in love with all three Fail sisters, are Santiago Rueda (junior) and Ryan Pilosof (senior). The chorus, who play a variety of roles are: Katrina Almaguer (junior), Cesar Altamirano-Cortes (senior), Julibeth Arzate (freshman), Julianne Baca (freshman), Emelyn Caro (freshman), Esme Corado (senior), Cesar Guevara-Gomez (senior), Raelee James-Crist (sophomore), Kyra Linenberger (senior), Silas Lobmeyer (sophomore), Daniela Loya (freshman), Hayley Loya (junior), Phybee Madlangbayan (junior), Jada Martinez (freshman), Veronica McCallum (sophomore), Felicity Miller (senior), Ryan Pilosof (senior), Chris Plisek (junior), Razel Quintero (senior), Santiago Rueda (junior), Maria Sanchez (senior), Eh Kaw Say (senior), Alex Terriquez (senior), Mackenzie Torres (sophomore), Jasper Transfiguracion (junior), and Nic Vigil (sophomore).

Alice Hilt is the Director with Robyn Hilt & Mark Van Savage serving as Assistant Directors. Music assistance was provided by Yeena Kang & Wyatt Smith. The stage manager for this production is Rylan Anderson (senior) and assistant stage manager is Mallory Hardy (junior). The Lights, Set, Props, and Sound were designed by Alice Hilt and Technical Theatre classes. Costume Designer is Robyn Hilt.