Staff and Student Wellness

Wellness Program

“Promoting overall wellness for employees and students to help build a healthier community” 

The districts mission is Quality Learning – Responsible Citizens.   To complete this mission we also are focusing on Wellness for Life.  In order for our students and staff to lead a healthy lifestyle we have to set up sound policy and set good examples throughout the district.

Garden City Public Schools has an active wellness committee represented by each school building wellness champion, YMCA, Recreation Commission, Chronic Disease Risk Reduction Coordinator of Finney Co, parents, school board, community members and parents.

The district is involved in Healthy Kansas School Grants, Alliance for a Healthier Generation, ACE Program (Tobacco Cessation), FitnessGram, K-FIT, SPARK Grant, Fuel up to Play 60, Team Nutrition, and Walk Your Child to School Day.  The High school Physical Education instructors are certified in Let’s Move.

Annually, the Wellness Committee shall review nutrition and physical activity policies, evidence on student health, and effective program implementation.  WellSAT or another evaluation tool will be used to get impute on the strength of the current policy.  The committee will discuss revisions and draft the policy with revisions.  The policy will then be presented to the Superintendent Advisory Council and a report will be prepared for the Board of Education stating proposed changes or revisions.    After board approval, the policy will be official revised and published on the district website.  An abbreviated version will be made available in district handbooks and as informational one page handout for parents and students.  It will be the responsibility of the staff and administration of USD 457 to ensure all policies are being implemented and followed. Results of the Kansas Wellness Policy data can be found at Kansas School Wellness Policy Data

The entire school environment, not just the classroom, shall be aligned with healthy school goals to positively influence a students understanding, beliefs, and habits as they relate to good nutrition and regular physical activity. All staff members of USD 457 are encouraged to model healthy eating and physical activity as a valuable part of daily life.  Staff should make every effort to only consume food and beverages allowed under the Nutrition standards for all foods sold in schools in the presence of students during the school day.  Whenever possible, staff should incorporate physical activity into their daily routines at work.