Experienced, certified teachers/staff will give professional support and continuous assistance to teachers/staff members that are new to the profession or new to the district.


Experienced teachers/staff use collaboration, modeling and coaching to orientate new teachers to the profession or new to the district teachers/staff to the school setting. Participation in a continuous learning community will encourage professional growth and will promote teacher recruitment and retention.


  • Improve student achievement by promoting the professional and personal well-being of teachers.

  • Assist new teachers in all areas.

  • Enhance the professional knowledge and skills of new and experienced teachers.

  • Aid in the recruitment and retention of new teachers.

  • Introduce and sustain the district's and building's culture and philosophy.

A high quality mentor is essential when beginning a new teaching job. All new staff members, having less than five years of teaching experience, are assigned a mentor for their first year in Garden City. Mentors are required to attend training on mentoring issues and techniques to prepare them to meet the needs of our new teachers. By using a month-by-month checklist of topics, the mentor strives to be one step ahead of questions that new staff may have. Mentors and mentees meet weekly (if not more frequently) to support the new teacher as he/she becomes familiar with our curriculum, programs, and procedures.