Students Advance To Finney County Spelling Bee

Students Advance To Finney County Spelling Bee
Posted on 01/30/2020
Students from Finney County have advanced to the Finney County Spelling Bee that will be held Saturday, February 1st, at 9:00 a.m. in the Garden City High School auditorium.  Students from elementary through middle school grades will be competing in the spelling bee.  The first place winner of the Finney County Spelling Bee will qualify to participate in the state competition that will be held on Saturday March 21st at Newman University, Wichita, Kansas.

The spelling bee winners include:

Alta Brown Elementary School:
Tie 1st: Andrew Tiede
Tie 2nd: Izaac Gonzalez
3rd: Ezebell Kwi
The alternate is: Camila Soltero

Abe Hubert Elementary School:
1st: Jackson Kingston
2nd: Lilly Bohm
3rd: Jorden Pawley Taylor
The alternate is: Alexis Soriano

Buffalo Jones Elementary School:
1st: Bailey Huband
2nd: Samantha Cabral Banuelos
3rd: Vyanney Chairez
The alternate is: Isaac Garcia

Florence Wilson Elementary School:
1st: Emilia Barr
2nd: Su Sa Na
3rd: Cael Johnson
The alternate is: Kaylee Ramos

Georgia Matthews Elementary School:
1st: Reyes Hinojos
2nd: Twar Dar
3rd: Navina Trejo
The alternate is: Paloma Roman

Gertrude Walker Elementary School:
Elvin Ponce-Rodriquez
Jared Castrellon
3rd: Antoinette Pham
The alternate is: Brayden Molina

Jennie Barker Elementary School:
1st: Derrick Hoff
2nd: Kealie Bryant
3rd: Jarica Hutcheson
The alternate is: Valeria Lozano (Georgiana)

Jennie Wilson Elementary School:
1st: Maggie Deal
2nd: Cambria McClure
3rd: Michelle Hang
The alternate is: Aubree Weissel

Plymell Elementary School:
1st:  Bryson Workman
2nd: Renly Just
3rd: Vivian Whitham
The alternate is: Treven Otero

Bernadine Sitts Intermediate Center
1st: Brandon Flores
2nd: Maya Mancinas
3rd: Adaniel Ladilo

Charles O. Stones Intermediate Center:
1st: Savanna Reyes
2nd: Isaiah Gonzales-Ruiz
3rd: Alan Lopez

Horace Good Middle School
1st: Karl Aguilar
2nd: Jerry Serrano
3rd: Darey Pina
The alternate is: Olivia Randle

Kenneth Henderson Middle School
1st:  Christy Donovan

2nd: Gizell Flores-Zavala

3rd: Joel Vargas Varela

Holcomb Elementary school:
1st: Emmie Ruiz
2nd: Alexis Smith
3rd: Vincent Mead
The alternate is: Jaden Anglesey

Holcomb Middle School:
1stBlake Mader
2nd: Kendall Brungardt
Austin Sullivan
The alternate is: Christopher Aponte

St. Dominic School
1stBrooklyn Schiffelbein
2nd: Kate Strandmark
3rd: Dua Thang

St. Mary School:
Christan Macias
Dominic Medina
Amayah Caro