USD-457 History


First public school building constructed Garden City school district organized


R. S. Hill elected superintendent
First school in Garden City (Subscription School)  
Construction of Finnup Park Area School 
Staff composed of 11 teachers


Miss Hopper elected first principal 
First custodian hired $5.00 per week and privileged to attend classes
Superintendent was authorized to charge .254, .154 and .104 for Commencement Exercises
First graduating class (5 graduates)


S. H. Sanford elected superintendent


T. C. Coffman elected acting superintendent


School Population 481


E.S. Ayre elected superintendent


Fourth Ward School constructed


Board of Education approves an eight-month school year


Charles E. Johnson elected superintendent


R.S. Liggett elected superintendent


A.C. Wheeler elected superintendent


North school destroyed by fire (old Garfield School)


Old Garfield School constructed


E.F. Ewing elected superintendent


G.E. Brown elected superintendent


Original Valentine School opened on Valentine's Day


Fourth Ward School withdrew - started Lincoln school


First High School erected - Sabine Hall
Sugar Beet (school newspaper) started publication
School population - 979


School tax levy established at five mills


Mr. Dumond elected school superintendent
High School accredited by North Central Association


Kindergarten started


Board set minimum teaching standard of one year of college and two years experience


High School accredited by U.S. Military Academy
Built High School, Calkins Hall, and East and West Ward Schools


Board accepted 150 Elm trees fro R.R.H. d'Allemand


Junior College Library begun with donation of $154.50 from Senior class of 1919.  These were the proceeds from the Senior play.
Junior College opens
C.J. Vinsonhaler elected superintendent
Senior High School was named Sequoaya High School


Board of Education approved night school
Vocational Agriculture Building built on Eighth Street


Board of Education approved summer school


Approximate time of the building of Pierceville Elementary School


Vocational Home Economics added


School population 1532


Four room addition to East Ward School


Calkins Hall remodeled
Fifteen units required for high school graduation
Ben Grimsley Gym completed


Sixteen units required for high school graduation


Kiwanis Club presented a $360 grand piano to the district for use in the auditorium
Part-time band instructor employed - one day each week


Eurhythmics add to the school curriculum
New Garfield School erected
Ward school names changed to Jones and Hutchinson
Penrose Stadium completed
South Side School razed


Hot lunch program begun


School population 1,699


J. R. Jones elected superintendent


Gymnasium added to Pierceville schools
Started instrumental music in elementary schools
Junior College football started
High School track team state champions


School Safety Patrols started


School population 2,290 


Alta Brown school completed


Approximate time of classrooms added to Pierceville school


Student pictures for elementary schools begun
Gymnasium added to Lincoln Elementary
Theoni School constructed


Additional classrooms for Jones School (remodeled air base barracks)
Board requires regular summer school attendance by teachers
Old Garfield razed
Plymell school constructed


New High School completed
New Valentines school building
Parent-Teacher Conferences started in the elementary schools
Transportation services started


High School Auditorium completed
Jennie Barker School constructed


Dr. Leroy Hood Appointed superintendent
Adult crossing guards hired for busy school intersections
Bernice Smith elected vice-president of Department of Elementary School Principals, N.E.A.
Kenneth Henderson elected vice-president of National Agriculture Teachers Association


Elementary School Special Education Program started


High School and Junior College separately housed
Jones and Georgia Matthews Schools completed
Nineteen units required for high school graduation
Friend School constructed


Enrollment 3,037 
High School counseling program begun
High School adopted dress code 
High School honors program begun 
High School debate team state champions
Two classrooms and dining facility added to Jennie Barker


Enrollment 3,194 
Six room addition to Georgia Matthews School
Gymnasium added to Theoni School


High School debate team state champions 
Special Education program extended to Junior High School
GCHS football team goes 9-0 for an undefeated season


Junior High School textbook rental 
Elementary School physical education program begun
High School gym completed 
Bernice Smith elected president of Kansas State Teachers Association
Memorial Stadium constructed


Enrollment 3,843 
High School textbook rental
Junior and Senior High School physical education begun
Abe Hubert Junior High completed 
Georgia Matthews two-room annex 
Gymnasium and additional classrooms added to Plymell


Enrollment 3,691 
Tom Saffell appointed superintendent
Unification - Garden City District No. 1 to Unified School District No. 457
Stadium Designated as "Memorial Stadium"


Enrollment 4,170


Enrollment 4,363 Eight trailers were purchased for use in the remedial reading program 
Cross-Country program started at senior high school 
Jennie Wilson School started and completed in 1967


Enrollment 4,628 
City population - 14,745
USD #457 adopted the common name of "Garden City Unified School District No. 457"
Closed noon hour was initiated at both the junior and senior high schools 
Former rural high school building at Pierceville closed
Valentine school closed 
Jennie Wilson Elementary opened


Enrollment 4,642 
Vocational building constructed and senior high school remodeling completed
J.D. Adams Hall at GCHS opened


Enrollment 4,692 
Horace J. Good appointed superintendent
Agreement signed between the JUCO and the district relative to the exchange of the former junior college site for senior high vocational building space and other specified district facilities used by the college
Valentine School reopened for special education use


Enrollment 4,748 
Children transported to a different school if there is not a kindergarten within their attendance area


Enrollment 4,708 
City population 15,791
High School Debate placed first in State Class 4A Debate Tournament
Junior High graduation ceremonies discontinued
Grades one and two combined at Jennie Barker
Pierceville and Plymell elementary schools combined starting with the 1971-72 school year; the
7th and 9th grades brought to the Junior High and students living near the airport or north of Pierceville assigned to schools by administrative decision
name of combined school is Pierceville-Plymell Attendance Center 
No 7th and 8th grades at Friend beginning with 1971-72 school year 
Restroom facilities at Memorial Stadium constructed


Enrollment 4,908 
High School basketball team to state tournament
Pierceville Closed 
Formed a special education cooperative, with USD 457 serving as the sponsoring district, named High Plains Special Education Cooperative
Junior High School renamed Abe Hubert Junior High School 
Seven Semester Program adopted


Enrollment 4,819 
Transportation of students living in the city to the Pierceville-Plymell School
94 students graduated at semester & third nine weeks under seven-semester program 
Abe Hubert Junior High allowed to publish a yearbook 
Study group of citizens to determine the best use of property recently purchased from Carl Cooks.
The study group was named the FACTS Committee (Facilities and Current Trends Study) 
Lunch prices increased to .454, .554 and .654 (elementary, secondary and adult)


Enrollment 4,794 
243 teachers in district
751 total number of employees
Junior and Senior High use computerized scheduling - not successful
New Junior High to be named Kenneth Henderson Junior High 
Gertrude Walker to be open-space classrooms 
Math requirements for graduation increased to 1 1/2 credits (1/2 to be taken in senior high) effective with 1978 graduating class


Enrollment 4,674 
City population 18,827
Garfield School destroyed by fire, February 24, 1975 - arson by three students 
FACTS Committee reinstated to research replacement of Garfield School 
Garfield Annex started at Garcia's Jack & Jill store building on Jones Avenue
Garfield razed 
Hume-Fry building acquired for service center
Gertrude Walker Elementary School opens 
Abe Hubert Junior High multi-purpose room 
GCHS music addition completed for September, 1975


Donation of the bust of President James A. Garfield, hand-carved from sandstone salvaged from the foundation. Windmill constructed at Garfield Elementary School by Mr. Jack Holdeman


Enrollment 4,625 
City population 19,214
High Plains Special Education Co-op becomes a separate entity
Ben Grimsley Gym & Sabine Hall closed to student use 
Calkins Hall closed and razed 
Buffalo head donated to Buffalo Jones School by the Finney County Fish and Game Commission
Kenneth Henderson Junior High opens dedicated September 11 
Lunch prices increased to .554 at elementary, .654 at Junior Highs .704 at Senior High and .904 for Adults
Garden City qualified for Federal Disaster money concerning the destruction of Garfield Elementary. 
Pinpoint Disaster Fund - School District would receive $197,000, which would repay for expenses in construction of Garfield


Enrollment 4,642


Enrollment 4,548


Enrollment 4,535


Enrollment 4,641 
Hutchison School closed May 3
Practice gym and locker area added to GCHS


Enrollment 5,144 
Hutchison School sold to Library Board
Florence Wilson Elementary opened


Enrollment 5,260


Enrollment 5,480 
Jim Phifer appointed superintendent (left April 1986)
Florence Wilson added two classrooms 
Garden City High School Hall of Fame program initiated


Enrollment 5,728


Enrollment 6,006 
Charles O. Stones appointed superintendent (interim) 
Edith Scheuerman Elementary opened, and Lincoln Elementary closed in May of 1987


Enrollment 6,062 
Gerald Moseman appointed superintendent 
Victor Ornelas Elementary opened


Enrollment 6,460


Enrollment 6,591


Enrollment 6,736 
Charles Hubbard appointed superintendent (interim)
Addition to Victor Ornelas completed 
Valentine School closed


Enrollment 6,855 
Remodel of J.D. Adams Hall 
Friend Elementary closed 
Moved 6th grade to Middle School and 9th grade to High School


Enrollment 7,092
City Population 24,097 
Andrew Sabine Hall closed 
New cafeteria at the Garden City High School completed 
The new ESC center was completed in December 1992 
Alternative High School Moved to 1401 W. Jones


Enrollment 7,264 
City Population 24,964 
Dr. Milton L. Pippenger appointed superintendent 
New enclosed walkway constructed at GCHS


Enrollment 7,303 
City population 25,028


Enrollment 7,394 
City population 25,218 
Addition and Remodeling of Buffalo Jones Elementary School


Enrollment 7,383 
City population 25,366 
Bernadine Sitts Intermediate Center Opens


Enrollment 7,490 
City population 26,039
Charles O. Stones Intermediate Center Opens


Enrollment 7,645 
City population 26,039


Enrollment 7,780 
City population 25,043 
Summer Bookmobile begins


Enrollment 7,864 
City population 28,451


Enrollment 7,741 
City population 28,124 
Addition and remodeling of Alta Brown Elementary School 
Addition and remodeling of Florence Wilson Elementary School
Thenoi Elementary closed 
Lunch prices increased to $1.40, at elementary, $1.50 at Junior Highs, $1.75 at Senior High and $2.40 for adults


Enrollment 7,749 
City population 27,472


James E. Lentz appointed superintendent 
Enrollment 7,656 
City population 27,204


Enrollment 7,543 
City population 27,242 
Artificial turf installed at Memorial Stadium, dedication April 15
Garden City Public Schools Foundation formed


Enrollment 7,379 
City population 27,098
Dr. Richard Atha appointed superintendent
Brick replaced at Kenneth Henderson Middle School 
Implemented paperless board meetings and provided each board member with a laptop computer which was changed to an iPad in 2012.


Enrollment 7,334 
City population: 28,175
All day Kindergarten at all but three elementary schools (Edith Scheuerman, Garfield and Gertrude Walker)
Courtyard enclosed at GCHS 
Additional parking at Edith Scheuerman Elementary, Georgia Matthews Elementary, Bernadine Sitts Intermediate Center


Enrollment 7,277 
5th grades added at Jennie Barker and Pierceville-Plymell Elementary Schools
All day Kindergarten added to all schools


Enrollment 7,390
City population: 28,743
6th grades added at Jennie Barker and Pierceville-Plymell Elementary Schools
Board of Education renames Pierceville-Plymell Elementary School to Plymell Elementary School

Educational Support Center parking lot converted to concrete
A $97.5 million bond passed to construct a new larger high school and remodel of the current high school, Abe Hubert Middle School, and Garfield Elementary School to house different education levels


Enrollment: 7,461
City population: 29,095 
A new "Jumbotron" video scoreboard has been installed on the west end of Memorial Stadium on the Garden City High School campus. The scoreboard was erected on Wednesday, June 17, 2009. No district funds were used to pay for the new scoreboard.
Construction begins to turn Garfield Elementary School into an early childhood center
Construction begins on the new high school. It is scheduled to open in August 2012.
Implemented a Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) at district, building, and professional learning community level.


Enrollment: 7,547
City Population: 30,685
Construction at Garfield is completed. The building hosts both Garfield Elementary and Garfield Early Childhood Center. The ELF program remains housed in the elementary schools until the new high school opens and the remodeling at the old high school and Abe Hubert Middle School is finished.
The topping off ceremony for the new high school took place on December 2. This marks an important milestone in the construction of the facility.
Garden City High School officially received its JROTC Charter on Friday, December 10, 2010. The event started the JROTC program at the school.


 Enrollment: 7,638
US Census population count is officially challenged by the city
City Population according to US Census: 26,000
City Population according to city utility department: 30,300
The Partnership for All Students' Success (PASS) program started January 2011 at Abe Hubert Middle School and Kenneth Henderson Middle School.
Board of Education approves new school boundries
Renovations at Abe Hubert Middle School to begin converting it to an elementary school.


Enrollment: 7,602
City population: 28,855
Board of Education approves 1-1 initiative using iPads
The 2012 staff appreciation luncheon is the first official event at the new high school
The old high school building becomes Horace J. Good Middle School
Abe Hubert Middle School becomes Abe Hubert Elementary School
J.D. Adams Hall is converted to house the Garden City Alternative Learning Center
Garden City High School named a National Blue Ribbon School by the US Department of Education
Kenneth Henderson Middle School dedicated the school's gymnasium to the Lori K. Peister Gymnasium on August 28.
Buffalo Jones Elementary School won national 2012 Healthy School Makeover Grant for $45,000


Enrollment: 7,571
City population: 29,167
Waiver granted for the No Child Left Behind program, Common Core is adopted in the district.
The courtyard at Horace Good Middle School named Norman Clark Courtyard.
GCHS Buffs win 6A State wrestling, becoming state champions for the first time since 1999.
Class of 2013 is the first class to graduate from the new high school
Board of Education approves First Grade Readiness policy
USD 457 Virtual School started at the Garden City Alternate Education Center in JD Adams Hall


Enrollment: 7,696
City population: 30,761
Board of Education approved 2nd grade readiness program
Abe Hubert Elementary School added 5th grade to the school
GCHS wrestling team wins state title 2nd year in a row
External classroom added at Jennie Barker Elementary School


Enrollment: 7,795
City population: 30,945

Dr. Steve Karlin was appointed superintendent.

Abe Hubert Elementary School added 6th grade to the school.

Looping added to Buffalo Jones Elementary School.

GCHS wrestling team wins state title 3rd year in a row.

Pilot continued on EngageNY math curriculum for K-6 grades with modifications.
All state laws and local ordinances pertaining to the regulation of traffic on roadways will be enforced on all USD 457 property located within the city limits of Garden City, effective February 1, 2015.
KBFZ-LP premiered on the air on August 3rd at 101.7 FM, the only radio station at a high school in Kansas.
The ALICE protocol was added to the district crisis plan.
Video camera systems installed on school buses.
The Kansas Supreme Court visited Garden City.  In the court’s 154-year history, it was only the second time for the court to hear cases in the evening. The session was held at Garden City High School on October 13th, which was the first time the court session was held in a high school facility.


Enrollment: 7,695
Population: 31,214
Jennie Barker celebrated its 60th Anniversary
EngageNY math curriculum for Kindergarten – 8th grades formally adopted for district.
Seven-period day implemented at Garden City High School.
GCHS wrestling team wins state title 4th year in a row.
The GCHS Bowling team is the 6A state bowling champions March 3rd. This is the team’s first state title.
Kenneth Henderson Middle School named the Kansas Middle School of the Year.
Five elementary schools are starting Kansas Reading Roadmap programs and will offer summer school and an after-school program for struggling readers.
Artificial turf replaced at Memorial Stadium.
GPS-tracking system installed on school buses
Robotics Summer Camp started at GCHS
District website was updated
Paved trail constructed at Victor Ornelas Elementary School
Paved trail constructed at Jennie Barker Elementary School
The Buffalo Living Legacy Fund was established.
Mobile app rolled out for website


Enrollment: 7,523
City population: 
GCHS Girls Bowling team is the 6A state bowling champions. This is the team’s first state title.

GCHS culinary program named to Elite 50 third year in a row.
GCHS Band gets new uniforms.
Abe Hubert Elementary School was selected as the first certified Energy Bus School in Kansas.
Board of Education approved standardized school starting times for the different educational levels in the district.
Bernadine Sitts Intermediate Center celebrated its 2
0th anniversary.
Charles O. Stones Intermediate Center celebrated its 20th anniversary.
Jennie Wilson Elementary School celebrated its 50th anniversary.
Nutritional content app was added to provide info about school meals.
The Board of Education approved a K-8 iPad initiative plan.

 2018 Enrollment: 7,456
City population:  31,275

GCHS Culinary program named to Elite 50 fourth year in a row.
$3.2 million 3-year literacy grant received from Literacy Network of Kansas.
Kenneth Henderson Middle School celebrated its 40th Anniversary.
Construction of a YMCA dome started at Kenneth Henderson Middle School.
All-weather track construction started at Horace J. Good Middle School.
District Site Council established.
School bus ridership software tool and app implemented.

K-8 iPad initiative plan – 4th and 5th grades receive iPads
Numbering system assigned to doors at buildings around the district


Enrollment: 7,331
City population: 31,290
GCHS culinary program named to Elite 50 fifth year in a row.

Georgia Matthews Elementary School celebrated its 60th Anniversary.
USD 457 Signs with WSU TAP to Offer Education Pathway

K-8 iPad initiative plan – 3rd and 6th grades receive iPads

YMCA Dome opens at Kenneth Henderson Middle School
Broncbuster Coffee Shop opens on the Garden City Community College Campus
Garden City High School Athletics Hall of Fame established (1st induction class)

 2020 Enrollment: 7,229
City population: 31,045

Breakfast and Lunch Prices
K-6    1.50     2.60   
7-8    1.60     2.70
HS     1.75     2.85
Adult  2.50     3.85

STOPit Messenger implemented- Students report dangerous behavior anonymously via mobile app, web, or phone hotline.

The nation and community experienced the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic.

March 12 the district made the decision to cancel all out-of -state travel.
March 16th the decision was made to postpone prom.  Prom canceled on May 26th.
March 17 Governor Laura Kelly closed schools for the rest of the 2019-2020 school year.   The district was on Spring Break at that time so it didn’t affect us as much as it did districts that were in session.  There was an additional week of no classes and then we started our continuous learning plan on May 30th.
March 18th all senior events were postponed due to the closure of the school facilities along with the social distancing and stay-at-home orders by the governor. 

Grab-and-go meals were started on Monday, March 23rd at 25 different locations in the community.
Virtual Board of Education meetings started on Thursday, March 26th.
March 27th Learning packet pick-up, iPad checkout and personal item pickup.
No school on April 10th and 13th for spring vacation, which was on the school calendar.
Technology Helpline was set up on April 20th to help parents and students with tech problems.
The district had no school on Monday, May 4th to provide a break to students, parents, and staff before the push to the end of the school year.
iPad return for Seniors was on May 13th, 14th, and 15th
Online enrollment started on May 18th for returning students  for the 2020-2021 school year.
iPad return for 2nd -11th grades was May 20th - 22nd.
Last day of School was Thursday, May 21st.
School started August 31st for 2020-2021 school year.
10 weeks of face-to-face learning Aug 31 - Nov 6
2 weeks of Hybrid learning where students A-L and M-Z went every other day to school. Nov 9 - Nov 20
3 weeks of Remote Learning due to increased levels of COVID-19 in the district and community. Nov 23 - Dec 22

 2021 Enrollment: 7,185
City population: 31,275
Three new board members were elected to the school board.
The Board of Education approved changing the name of Garden City Alternate Education Center to GC Achieve at J.D. Adams Hall at its  September 13th meeting.


City population:
Dr. Mike Dominguez was appointed superintendent. 
He started on June 1, 2022.
The Kansas State Board of Education voted June 14, 2022, to grant the district the status of Accredited. This status is effective July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2027.
Wi-Fi installed on all School Buses – July
The district had new ending times for the 2022-23 school year. This was due to the approval of the negotiated agreement between the school district and the Garden City Education Association. The agreement added 20 minutes to the daily student contact time and the number of contract days was reduced by six days for the school year. Student contact changes from 400 minutes to 420 minutes/day, which reduces total days from 174.5 to 169.5 for the district. 
New website for the district.
Garfield Early Childhood Center unveiled their new mascot in September. They are now the Little Buffaloes! They were the Little Horns before switching mascots.