TRC Guidelines

Guidelines For Usage of the Teacher Resource Center
1.  The Make It and Take It Center is available for use by the following:
	-- All Employees of USD #457
	-- Parochial Schools
	-- Pre-Schools
	-- Day Care Providers
	-- District Student Teachers
	-- Out-of-District #457 Public Schools
	-- Non-Profit Groups - Churches
	-- Student Teacher's Aide (must be prearranged)
2. An application for use of The Make It and Take It Center must be on
   file.  Information on the application would include tax exemption
number, contact Person(s), and list of members of the Organization who
would use The Center.
3. ALL USERS OF THE CENTER MUST WEAR I.D. BADGES. Those not having a school issued badge may make one at the sign in desk, when picking up a cost worksheet. 4. All users must know how to use the equipment properly. A first time user must receive instruction from AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL 5. ALL MATERIALS MUST BE PURCHASED FROM USD #457 MAKE-IT TAKE-IT CENTER If Special Materials (must have pre-arranged approval) are brought in, a user fee will be charged. Please pay cash for materials used. 6. THE MAKE-IT-TAKE-IT CENTER IS AN ADULT WORKPLACE. CHILDREN WILL NOT BE ALLOWED IN THE CENTER.