Make It & Take It

What is the Make It and Take It Center? (Details)
The Center has the following equipment and supplies.
Dies and Letter Machines
  All shapes, letters, and numbers are produced with the Letter Machine,
using individual wooden dies.  Simply slide the die and paper into
the machine, lower the handle and remove perfectly cut letters, numbers
and shapes.

Die shapes are available in the following sizes:
	TINY   1"
	SMALL  3"
	LARGE  5"
	EXTRA LARGE  8" - 10"
See the subject guide for list of dies and more details

   All sizes (EXCEPT XL) are designed to work in both the original and
XL machines.  XL dies can only be used in the XL machine.  The
double cut dies can be used in either letter machines, with two
pushes of the handle.  The following list of materials can be used
in the machines:

   Construction paper, tagboard, poster board, and any light
weight paper, fabric, felt, polyfoam, flexible magnetic sheets,
pop-up sponge, fluorescent vinyl, self-adhesive felt and 3-D
illusionary plasitc.
(MOST MATERIALS CAN BE PURCHASED AT THE CENTER) Stickers, borders, pencils, rulers and calendars can also
be purchased with Cash or PO.
Other equipment available: 1. Lamination 18", 25", 40" 2. Waxer 3. Button Maker 4. Spiral Book Binder 5. Three Hole Punch 6. Staplers 7. Opaque Projector 8. Poster Maker Resource Books, (Books and Magazines, Instructional and Decorative) available for check out.