The Department of Plant Facilities functions under the direction of John Geist, Director of Plant Facilities, who is responsible for directing, managing and administering departmental efforts associated with: 

    • Minimizing the rate of deterioration of all district buildings and their integral system and equipment.

    • Preventing the deterioration of landscaped grounds below minimum acceptable visual and aesthetic levels.

    • Minimizing the rate of deterioration of walks, drives, parking lots, signs, fences, flagpoles, playground equipment, etc.

    • Effectively accomplishing construction, major repairs, renovation and alterations of facilities.

    • Effectively providing support services to all district elements.

    • Maximizing cost effective operation.

    • To meet these responsibilities, the department is organized into four operating divisions described below: 

      Building Maintenance - Is responsible for repairs and maintenance of all district buildings and equipment.  All requests for services should be requested via WebTMA on the intranet by building Head Custodians. Emergency requests should be reported directly to Plant Facilities by telephone during normal working hours.

      Grounds Maintenance - Is responsible for maintaining athletic fields, playground areas, turf trees and shrubs, as well keeping walks and drives free of ice and snow and assists the warehouse in transporting equipment and furniture between district buildings.

      Warehouse - Maintenance Warehouse, is responsible for receiving, distribution and accountability of maintenance, custodial and audio visual supplies as well as the duplication, distribution and accountability of district building keys. The Curriculum Warehouse, under the supervision of Mario Mendoza, is responsible for receiving, storage, distribution and accountability of food and curriculum materials.  A daily courier service is provided for pick-up and delivery of correspondence, freight and packages for all district buildings.

      Custodial - The building custodial staff, under the supervision of a Head Custodian and the building principal, provides daily cleaning and other related support services for all district buildings.