Technology tools are an indispensable foundation for delivering academic activities throughout the district. This foundation is comprised of devices, systems, and services that ensure effective and efficient processes to meet the District's goals.

In an ongoing effort to transform the classrooms, school learning environments, and physical securities, these devices, in conjunction and cooperation with current tools, will be implemented as a means to support the administrators, teachers, and students.

Wireless Projection: Delivery of instruction and content has been primarily regulated to a desktop or laptop that is connected to a projector by cables. With the increase of mobile devices (iPads) being used in classrooms, a process to allow teachers to move about the room with their iPad untethered will be researched and piloted. With the differences in devices, cables, and hardware, technology will explore solutions for different scenarios.

iPad Carts: The District recognizes the fundamental need to provide equitable access to technology for all students and staff. Therefore, we will expand the iPad pilot that was run at five K-5 schools to the remaining elementary schools. Technology will provide an iPad cart with 30 iPads to the remaining elementary schools as well as to teachers at these schools. The iPads used for this program will come from the High School's graduating senior class. Over the next 3 years, there will be additional devices available from the 1:1 program at the High School to further the integration of devices in other buildings.

Physical security: Over the next 3 years, the district will continue to increase physical security by utilizing more electronic door locks. In addition, the need for additional security cameras will be evaluated in all facilities.

Monitors: Over the past 7 years, Technology has not ordered monitors with computers. This strategy was adopted in an effort to save money and utilize the existing monitors. Technology recognizes the need to change this strategy and will begin to purchase flat panel monitors to replace the older CRT monitors. Using the flat panel monitors will result in energy savings as well as reduce the space needed for the computer.

3-D Printing: The Technology Department will look at incorporating 3-D printers in elementary science classrooms. The addition of 3-D printers will address STEM and 21st Skills.