High-quality professional development will be provided to all stakeholders to ensure they are trained and supported in instructional and administrative systems, hardware, and services. The technical guidance and training will focus on tools necessary to implement the District's curriculum. The delivery will be offered in multiple modalities including face-to-face workshops and online videos.

Online Training

Online Training

Our professional development strategy for teachers and District stakeholders will include the incorporation of online videos and resources. This modality of training will better meet the needs of users as it provides anytime, anywhere learning opportunities. Using resources that are developed by the technology staff and resources purchased to accommodate specific systems, users will be able to improve their technical skills at their convenience. Additionally, the District is premiered as a Microsoft IT Academy which provides numerous training materials for Microsoft applications. Through the IT Academy educators, students and staff get digital curriculum and certifications for fundamental technology skills.

Staff Development

The Technology Department will ensure that teachers and staff have the opportunity to improve their technical proficiency and ability to integrate technology into the classroom/work place. With the constant changes in technology, users need training to be effective and efficient in their roles. Additionally, it is essential that technology specialists acquire the training needed to provide support to end-users. With older systems being replaced by newer systems, technicians are called upon to support a variety of new hardware and software. High level technical skills are required to provide these services that will increase performance and limit downtime. Therefore, it is essential that the professional development strategies include providing technology certification programs and trainings on new technologies. Technicians should have the knowledge, skills, and dispositions that will enable them to support all users’ needs.