Instructional Technology

The District, through a common focus on raising student achievement, is committed to ensure that all students are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve success in the 21st Century. Technology can serve as a significant vehicle for systemic school improvement.

In an effort to transform the classroom and school learning environment, the Instructional Technologists will identify, implement, and provide access to the tools that will improve teacher-effectiveness and raise student achievement. The technologists will promote the integration of technology as a digital resource into curricula and aim to increase the number of educators effectively using technology by providing guidance and training on content and tools necessary to be successful.

Equipment Maintenance and Replacement

Garden City Public School's technology equipment is standardized which allows for minimized support complexity. The district purchases and supports Lenovo desktops/laptops along with Dell printers. The department staffs support technicians who can provide warranty service for these platforms. The District strives to maintain a refresh cycle for desktops, laptops, laptop batteries, and iPads. To achieve this cycle, approximately 350 new computers and 90 laptops are distributed each year to replace machines being retired from buildings. The retired devices are wiped and then auctioned, providing some income for future purchases. Approximately 650 iPads are bought each year to support the 1:1 iPad initiative at the high school. iPads returned by graduating seniors from the 1:1 initiative at the High School allow for Technology to provide devices to roll down to lower grade levels.

Annually, maintenance contracts are evaluated and purchased to support critical systems. Hardware technician are available to repair hardware in house as needed.


IT support is provided to customers on a variety of applications and platforms. Supporting twenty locations, 9000+ users, 6000+ computers, 4000+ iPads, servers, printers and a multitude of software requires technicians to be skilled in a variety of areas.

Technology support is organized into 3 levels:

Building level sysops, located at each school, provide the 1st level of support for their building's staff. If they are unable to resolve the issue, it is escalated to 2nd level support. Second level support is comprised of hardware and software support technicians. These employees are subject experts and have access to vendor specific technicians. Finally, 3rd level support is provided by network and hardware managers. These technicians, who hold a variety of job specific certifications, sustain the technology infrastructure.

The Technology Department will evaluate electronic systems and procedures used to request technical support. A system needs to be implemented that will allow end users to submit and track technical assistance via phone, internet, and e-mail. The issue then will route through the 3 support levels until resolved. The system should also provide self-help remedies that empower end users to search for their own resolutions.

To ensure that systems are always available for end-users, the Technology Department utilizes staff to provide continual monitoring. Assigned technology staff is on-call in the evenings and weekends. System checks are performed periodically during off hours so problems can be identified and fixed with minimal disruption to end users.Help