Effective communication amongst all District stakeholders is essential to achieving success. It is imperative that the District expand the tools used to provide all audiences the ability to access timely and relevant information. These tools must address a multitude of options to support connectivity and interaction.

Web Hosting

The District's stakeholders need to have quick and easy access to information. The Technology Steering Committee will evaluate services to assist with providing uniform and consistent navigation throughout the District's website. The system will allow teachers a digital area to collaborate with colleagues as well as post information for parents. This service will provide all schools, as well as individual teachers, with a website where information, resources, and documents will be available. Incorporating a mobile application component will provide parents and students a means to receive customized messages and reports based on individualized selections.

Live Streaming

Garden City High School's Buffalo Broadcasting System has been streaming live events from their campus. They have the equipment to now move throughout the district to stream events from a multitude of locations. Providing live streams of events and having the ability to provide on-demand viewing for larger audiences helps provide connections to and with stakeholders.

Home to School Connection


The Technology Department will assist with meeting Board Goal 4.3,”Expand communication between home and school including automated services". The District will increase the information available online to parents. Using Skyward's Parent Access portal, meal balances and transportation information will be accessible. The Technology Department, working in conjunction with Centralized Enrollment, will explore and establish methods to streamline the enrollment process and reduce the amount of paperwork required. Online enrollment will be investigated and analyzed to determine benefits that would be realized in regards to printing cost savings for the District and time saved for parents. In addition, automated scheduling systems will be tested that would assist with ensuring parents' conferences with teachers are scheduled for their convenience across multiple buildings. The Technology Department will assist the Business Department with the implementation of collecting enrollment, meal, and other fees electronically.