Vision for the Future of Technology

In a district striving for excellence, our vision for the future of technology encompasses, enhances, and compliments Garden City Public School’s mission. Within the framework of budgets, logistics, and individual departments and schools, the technology plan provides a roadmap to the strategic alignment of technology systems and functions to enhance all areas. In conjunction with this vision, Technology’s mission is to boost the efficiency and productivity in all realms of administrative services and instruction.

This Technology Plan differs from the previous plan in a number of significant ways. The fundamental belief has shifted from viewing technology as a tool to it being an integral part of student and staffs’ daily lives. We will focus on eight elements to achieve our vision:

  • Infrastructure - Strengthen and grow the infrastructure to accommodate mobile devices and greater usage of all devices by upgrading our wireless networks, LAN and WAN.
  • Communication - Provide a multitude of options to deliver clear, consistent, and timely communication.
  • Training - Provide professional development for technologies that are necessary to deliver, instruct, communicate, access, and manage all facets of instruction and district information.
  • Support – Maintain, repair, and replace aspects of technology systems and devices to ensure quality performance and assistance.
  • Policies – Ensure a framework through which decisions, standards, and policies are defined that provides a set of best practices.
  • Budget – Focus on technology initiatives that align with District priorities and available budgets
  • Systems - Identify and implement applications for monitoring and delivering necessary services.
  • Tools - Distribute and update devices for instructional and administrative processes.