Proposed K-12 Math Textbooks

Kindergarten thru 6th grade: Eureka2 (Eureka Squared) Math

This is the updated and newest version of our current math curriculum. It is updated with more online features, diagnostic pre-module assessments, and intervention supports. There is no ed reports on this curriculum yet as this is the first year in publishing. The previous version ed report is here:


7th grade thru Algebra 2: Kendall Hunt Illustrative Math (

This is an open educational resource (meaning we would only pay for the printing of materials and shipment) that is the highest rated option available at this time based on Ed Reports ( Based on work with a Math consultant from Smokey Hill service center, the HS math department piloted this as well as teachers at HGMS this year and agreed that this was the best option based on the needs of the students and the methodology used to teach. 


Advanced Math (Above Alg. 2): CPM, (

This is a non-profit organization that writes and updates curriculum for advanced math courses. This has been piloted in the HS for the fall semester and was rated the highest on our rubrics from the staff. We will pay for professional development, but then the curriculum is free (mostly) besides cost of printing. 

Ed Reports: