Fast ForWord

Click hereFast ForWord Webinars

Videos and webinars of Fast ForWord trainings
(Open with Google Chrome).

Click hereFast ForWord Trainings

Videos taken of Fast ForWord trainings provided by USD 457.

Click hereFast ForWord Resources

Link to the website for Fast ForWord where you will learn how to: Create your plan, implementation guidelines, use the programs together, prepare your students, Foundations I: What you need to know

Click hereUSD #457 Collaboration Space
and Q&A for FastForWord

Link to a discussion group for a space to ask and answer questions you may have and a space for updates about Fast ForWord.

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Link to Fast ForWord support for live answers to questions you may have.



Requirements for the Fast ForWord browser and headphones:
When using Fast ForWord, use a newer edition of Ipad that has iOS 11.3 or greater (the ipads with the small charger port will work).
When using the Reading Assistant section of Fast ForWord, the section where the student reads in the microphone, either use a new edition of Ipad (so old ipads probably will not work), or if you are using a laptop make sure you have a USB adapter to connect the mic to your computer USB port.
All other sections besides the Reading Assistant will NOT need an adapter for the laptop.
Basically stay away from older ipads and either use a laptop or a newer ipad when using Fast ForWord, and make sure you have a USB adapter for laptop when using the Reading Assistant section.
If you have any questions please email