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  Cartographic Resources

Maps and Cartography Resource
  An excellent resource for Maps and Cartography information!

TAH Cycle 1 Projects
  Cycle 1 Projects from the Teachers!

KCHE Conference Registration
  Download this .pdf file for registration information.

Top 100 Speeches
  The top ranked American Speeches in MP3 format.

I Know That!!
  Excellent Social Studies resources for K-6!

Your Child Learns!
  Interactive maps!

Timed U.S. Map Quiz
  This is a U.S. Map quiz that is timed for speed and accuracy!

Penny Postcards 50 States!
  Great source for photos to use in your history discussions!!

Virtual Field Trips for Students
  Hosted by Internet for Classrooms!

Assessment Practice and Resources
  Practice Assessment Questions and activities from other states!

Survey Results!
  Results of the most recent survey

Social Studies PODCASTS!!!
  Free Podcasts to use in your classroom or have ready for your students to dowload!!

Kansas Memory
  Primary source documents from Kansas History!

TAH Dole Picture
  Picture of the Group that visited the Dole.

TAH Group Picture-Dole
  Another Dole Picture

TAH Dole Picture
  Another Dole Pic!

A to Z Teacher Stuff
  Everything from awards to worksheet generators!

Teaching With Documents
  Various documents coordinated with the historical time periods.

Interactive Map Games!
  Interactive Map Games

SW Kansas History Brief
  This is an overview of the development of SW Kansas.

Powerpoint Ideas
  Various Powerpoint ideas including Jeopardy!

Who Wants To Be A Millionare
  Template for your classroom

Buffalo Jones Article
  NY Times Article 1904

Teacher Tube
  Think Youtube, but appropriate for classroom use.

ESL/ELL Big Deal Book
  Resources for teachers!

Online Dictionary
  Words, definitions, and audio pronunciations.

Federal Resources of Education Excellence F.R.E.E.
  Federal Resources for U.S. History and other subjects!

National Council for Social Studies
  NCSS website

Kansas Council for Social Studies
  KCSS website

Our History
  Area History of GC, including Lost Towns!

FREE! 3D Paper Toys!!
  Download and print out Paper Toys for students to assemble!!!

  Portfolio of Hands-on primary source resources!

Kansas African Studies Center
  Optional Summer Institute June 9-19th.

Teacher Created Materials Publishing
  Teacher created materials for Social Studies K-12.
  Resources, Lesson plans, and discussion boards for teachers K-12.

  This is a reference sheet for those who use the materials from TCI

Scholastic Online and Interactive Activities
  Interactive Activities for all grades. Click on the green tabs to change the grade level!

Annenberg Media
  Videos on demand for K-12 and college. Multiple content areas included.

Films for the Humanities and Sciences Catalog
  Social Studies teachers can order classroom films from this site. Many are "On Demand"

National History Education Clearinghouse
  Materials and content for teaching various topics in History.

American Centuries
  This website is great for teachers! It is funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities, the USDE, and many others.

World Book Online
  World Book Encyclopedia Online courtesy of Kan-Ed.

Resources From the Conference 2009
  Here are the resources from the conference. The digital form of the resources in your notebooks are included!

Oral History Workshop Agenda
  Agenda for the Oral History Workshop Spring 2009

NY Times Front Page
  NY Times denoting Lincoln's Death April 1865

Positive Promotions
  Catalog for resources promoting Black History Month

Kansas State Historical Society E-Newsletter
  Stay connected to the KSHS with this newletter!

World Atlas
  Maps, Map tests, answer keys...FREE!

Smithsonian Education
  This website links activities with the state standards for Social Studies

History Channel
  The History Channel's website. Including "This Day In History" and other pieces of information.

Technology Integration Project Sharing (TIPS)
  District wide curriculum and project sharing database.

School House Global Enterprises
  A catalog for classroom resources (not free)

Bill of Rights Institute
  Resources for teaching the Bill of Rights

Kansas Day Information
  Information on Kansas Day from the Kansas State Historical Society

Topics in Kansas History
  Various topics to use in your Kansas History curriculum

Literacy Cyberspace
  Ideas for teaching Literacy

Interactive Projects
  Technology Projects for Social Studies

NAEP Information
  National Assessment for Educational Progress measurement items and other information about the national test.