School Administration
Principal: Connie Pracht
Associate Principal : Skyla Wehkamp

School Hours
Breakfast: 8:00 AM
School Starts: 8:25 AM
Lunch: 11:00 AM
Dismissal: 3:50 PM

Mission Statement

Teaching the 3 R's




E-Eager to Learn

A- Accepts Others

G- Go Where We Belong

L- Listens to Directions

E- Equipment Used Correctly

S- Shows Respect


Upcoming Event

December 16th- Papa John's Night 5-8 pm

WINTER BREAK December 22nd - January 5th

January 6th- School Resumes


Christmas Gift Trees for the Teachers

Are you stumped as to what to get your students teacher for Christmas?? In the lobby of Florence Wilson there are 6 Christmas trees. One for each grade and a "specials" tree, on each tree are "ornaments" of gift ideas for their classroom. We invite you to come and choose an "ornament"..  Have a great holiday with your family and friends.. Happy Holidays!!! 

Kindness Revolution

Here at Florence Wilson we are trying to encourage the students to exhibit acts of kindness! We are now going to start spot-lighting those who have displayed an act of kindness that was above and beyond. The teachers are watching closely for acts of kindness that are above and beyond. If a student is caught being extraordinarily kind, they are then sent to the office with a kindness referral! There they will receive a special yellow bracelet. Their name, and what they did will be displayed on the "pillar of kindness" that is located inside the school, just past the office. A positive referral will also be entered into skyward therefore the student's upcoming teacher will see that they demonstrated such an act of kindness. Please encourage your children to display kindness throughout the day, and if they are rewarded with a yellow bracelet-make sure to let them know how great of a job they have done!!!

*<<<= Ten Days of Christmas :0)

To get in the holiday spirit, Florence Wilson staff and students can participate in the 10 days of Christmas. Each day will be a different winter themed day. This has become a tradition in our building as this is the third year for our students to participate. Show how festive you can be by participating in the 10 days of Christmas!


Monday, December 15th~ Christmas Colors
* Wear
red and green

Tuesday, December 16th~ Candy Cane Day
*Wear red and

Wednesday, December 17th~ Jingle Bell Day
*Wear a jingle bell or two or three or more

Thursday, December 18th~ Star Day
*Wear something yellow/or stars

Friday, December 19th~ Christmas Headgear Day
*Wear your Christmas headgear (Santa hat, elf hat, reindeer antlers, etc.)

Eagle Bank

The Eagle bank has a new partner this year, Western State Bank. With this being said students will need to fill out new paperwork to open an account. The new accounts will be associated with Western State Bank. The bank opened on September 18th. If you would like to start an account for your child you can stop by the office and pick up a form. The school is excited about this new collaboration with Western State Bank. The bank is open every Friday morning. The fourth grade students run the bank and are assisted by bank employees so they can experience real banking practices. Ms. Veerkamp interviewed students for the positions at the bank. During the process students has to answer questions and count money. After all of the students completed these activities a decision was made on the new positions the students would hold. Please come in and welcome the new student bank employess and welcome Western State Bank to our school.

Stay Connected

Florence Wilson now has our own Facebook page. Keep up on the lastest happenings. Like us on Facebook!


Skyler is a web-based program which delivers school messages to you via email or phone. Any messages that need to go out immediately will be sent out thru Skylert.

Box Top Fundraiser

There is an online shopping link to a Box Top Fundraiser. Florence Wilson can earn 15 bonus Box Tops for each persons 1st purchase.

Thank you for your continued support!!!!!!


Picking Up and Dropping Off Procedures

At Florence Wilson safety is taken very seriously. To ensure the safety of our students please follow these guidelines for picking up and dropping off your students. The West parking lot is to be used for teacher parking and buses only. Please do NOT use the WEST parking lot. There is only one handicap parking slot in our parking lot so we ask that you not use it unless you have a handicap sticker. The area next to the bike racks in the west parking lot is a fire line and no one should ever use this area. If you park on the North side of the street your child should walk to the end of the block to the intersection and then cross the street. We will not allow children to walk alone between cars to cross the street. If you are picking up or dropping off please pull as far West so the next car can pull in behind you and can keep the line moving. You must pull over to the curb to drop your child off, DO NOT stop in the street. If everyone follows these guidelines it will be easier to help get children safely to thier rides.

Thank you for your cooperation!

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Florence Wilson School Hours


TKI, Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 
         3rd  &   4th  
    8:25 - 3:50