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 Links to Educational Holiday Ideas: 

Constitution Day ( September 17) 

Center for Civic Education

The National Archives

National Constitution Center - Lessons

Education World

Metrics Week (Week including October 10)

BBC Metric Games - Animal Weights Game

AAAMath Metrics  - choose items labeled "metric"

HBSchool Metric Activities - length strength - matching - harder matching

Matthew Metrics Gum Parlor (counting game)

Metric Millionaire (quiz game)

NCTM site (Links to more sites)

Digital Learning Day (February 1)

Find out what Kansas is doing and how you can get involved:
Technology Assistance for Kansas Teachers

Technology Rich Classrooms

- Join the Kansas Technology Coordinators Group

for follow up discussion, collaboration and sharing:
Kansas Technology Coordinators

- Participate in the National Webcast:
Digital Learning Day

Pi Day (Einstein's Birthday) March 14:

Math With Mr. Herte: Pi Day

ABC Science on-line: Einstein

Science & Numeracy: Pi Day

Joy of Pi

Pi Day