Greetings Players & Parents:

Thanks to all the parents that attended the meeting on March 25th, 2014.

1. Value Kards - Every player will be required to sell $100 worth of the Value Kards: 
Deadline to turn in money is April 9th, 2014.  Please turn in all money to Diane Cook.

2. RT Sporting Goods orders  have been placed so please contact RT's 275-5507 with questions on delivery dates. 

3. Senior Night - WBA at a later date.

4. Car Wash - Thank you to all the volunteers and helpers for the car wash on March 29th.  The car wash that was scheduled for April 5th, 2014 has been cancelled due to weather.  We will re-schedule it at a later date.

5. Reminder - Coach Wilson asked that parents be reminded to avoid "checking in" on players in the dugout (during or in between games). Players are each given a bottle of Gatorade and a candy bar which should hold them over until both games are finished. This helps reduce distractions, keeps them focused on the games and ensures the coaches have their full attention. Thank you!

6. Banquet - Banquet dinner will be held May 15th at GCHS commons room.  More information will be coming later.

7. Help - We are always looking for parents interested in helping with the Booster Club. We try to meet once a month and keep the meeting times to one hour each. If you are interested in doing more, just let us know!

Thank you!




Last Updated: March 27th, 2014