Pace Calculators


Use these sites to help you find your target pace, this can be used as an important training tool


Put your distance in, then put your time in, make sure there is a zero in the hour box.  We would always like to see even splits (stay the same pace) or negative splits (get faster each mile).

Race Pace Calculator     sorry no 4K info here, you can use the 2 mile infomation

Mcmillan Pace Calculator     guys mark 5k and girls mark 4000m  

Race Splits, put distance and target time in boxes     Race Planner

This next Calculator can be used for speed work.  Remember you need to have a good mileage base before you start speed work   

Pace Workout Calculator

Heart Rate Zones 

If you do not know you Maxium Heart Rate, find it here, you need to put your age and gender in

Maxium Heart Rate


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