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Multi Tiered Support System (MTSS)
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Leadership Team

Leadership Team for (District or Building Name): Gertrude Walker Elementary   

Task 1

How is communication and collaboration between district and building leadership teams going to occur?

MTSS team will meet twice monthly.

MTSS Team will review district leadership meeting notes plus notes from other schools.

MTSS Team will forward meeting notes to Darren Dennis.

MTSS building team will meet with building staff classified/certified monthly.


Task 2

Team Member Name and Role



Represents and/or Special Skills

Suzanne Smith


Building Leader

Le Deibert


Grades K-4

Denise Gouldie


Grades K-4

Sharon Bradfield


Grades K-4

Rhonda Roth

Literacy Coach/SAT Rep

Grades K-4































Task 3

The roles and responsibilities of this team are:

         Creating the rationale for implementing MTSS.

         Bringing staff to consensus around the implementation of MTSS.

         Ensuring rationale for MTSS is reflected in district and building vision, core beliefs, mission, policies, procedures, and practices.

         Ensuring staff have support necessary to successfully achieve what they’re being asked to accomplish.

         Creating a culture that allows staff to be actively involved in decision making.

         Ensuring regular bi-directional communication about MTSS effort with all stakeholders.












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